7 Important points to consider while implementing Future XR Solutions

The future of the XR device Apple Vision Pro, much like the revolutionary iPhone back in 2007, is set to transform the industry and redefine the standards for XR devices, particularly in the next two years. 

At InfiVR, our team of researchers, designers, and business experts has conducted thorough analyses and studies to provide you with valuable insights and recommendations for your XR endeavors. Based on our findings, we believe there are 7 very straightforward and important points that companies should consider when building XR solutions:

#1. Free-Hand Natural Gesture Interactions:

Future XR devices will rely less on hand controllers and more on free-hand natural gestures for seamless interactions. We strongly recommend implementing natural gesture-based interactions in your XR solutions to enhance user experiences, especially in applications like VR training and collaboration.

#2. Mixed Reality Medium along with VR & AR: 

The future lies in mixed reality content, combining both virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) elements. Incorporate both VR and AR components in your training and simulation content to create a more engaging experience with your fellow colleagues involved. This can also include training in real spaces or enabling live pass-through methods for interactions with supervisors or other trainees.

#3. Voice command-based Interactions: 

Voice-based interactions are becoming increasingly easy and natural in XR solutions. Apple Vision Pro and Meta Quest’s latest versions offer advanced voice-based interaction capabilities. Incorporating voice commands for simple and frequent actions in your XR applications will significantly enhance user experiences.

#4. High-Resolution (4K to 8K) VR Content:

Affordable and portable VR devices now offer high-resolution displays of 4K per eye or even 8K resolutions. Keeping future scalability in mind, we recommend developing 4K or 8K VR content to ensure a visually immersive experience and the future possibility of degradation.

#5. Leverage Multi-user Collaboration & Me-Like Virtual Avatars:

Comic-like avatars were underutilized in enterprise applications like collaborations or training. However, with Apple Vision Pro introducing the concept of “My – Real Self as your virtual impression in VR,” it is clear that multi-user collaboration features will play a significant role in the future of XR solutions. Ensure that your enterprise XR solutions are equipped to provide multi-user collaboration features and can leverage an authentic 3D representation of themselves to enhance collaborative XR experiences.

#6. Easier Text & Haptic Inputs: 

With natural hand gestures becoming the norm in XR, typing in VR and AR environments is becoming easier. This opens up new possibilities, such as simulating touch-based control panels or using virtual computers in training simulations. Embrace this opportunity to enhance the realism and detail in your XR solutions.

#7. Affordable & Powerful Future XR Devices: 

While Apple Vision Pro may be considered expensive for enterprise adoption currently, history has shown that similar devices with comparable capabilities will soon be introduced by popular OEMs like Meta, HTC, Lenovo, Microsoft, and more. It is prudent for companies building XR solutions to be prepared for this forthcoming wave and plan their procurement strategies accordingly.

At InfiVR, we are passionate about assisting businesses in embracing the potential of XR solutions. InfiVR research & development team is eager to provide you with more information and support to ensure your XR endeavors are successful. 

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