Applications of VR and AR

want to know where to use VR and AR ?

The medium allows end users to provide near to real experience of the product making it apt for marketing and creating brand awareness. And since AR experiences can be easily delivered on mobile it becomes easier for the companies to reach their audiences wider and faster.

As a picture is worth 1000 words, an immersive experience delivered appropriately is worth a million pictures. It has been proven that immersive experiences are an effective tool for training, especially for spatial knowledge and hands on work. The medium not only gives employees near to real life experience but also saves a lot of consequential costs associated with training. And with VR medium employees learn by doing than just watching a video or reading a manual.

VR and AR medium allows brands to communicate the value of their high end products in much more effective way compared to other mediums just because they can visualise it real close and in the real physical context. Especially the products whose sales cycle is long (spanning 2 months to more than a year) and companies work towards building getting customers on board just to experience the product in physical life, they can be easily and quickly demonstrated using these mediums. VR technology allows potential customers to see and experience the product for themselves before buying it, reducing the decision making time.

Augmented Reality (AR) and/or Virtual Reality (VR) will allow the users/builders of the product to come together in virtual space and experience the product together and make their conversations contextual and lively. This is quite limiting in the current chat/conferencing solutions.

At infiVR we are on a journey of creating ecosystem for delivering best User Experience for Virtual and Augmented reality