Augmented Reality making Caterpillar more interesting!

When things don’t perform as they should, many industries demand knowledgeable professionals, prompting entire halts in production as on-site workers try to coordinate with off-site aid or wait for someone to arrive. So many various technologies now available to us ease these concerns, and AR provides platforms that can display a large amount of data while also demonstrating to specialists exactly what the difficulties are. Consider employing augmented reality to maintain industrial equipment in the field. This is why Caterpillar employs augmented reality.

Caterpillar is well-known throughout the world for its industrial machinery. This company manufactures equipment for three different industries: mining, emery or transportation (oil and gas, marine), and construction. What happens if one of its products fails at ground zero? Its experts are continually on the road, performing maintenance and repairs in the field. On the ground, they spend time on their computers determining a solution to any problems and then putting it into action. Caterpillar aimed to reduce the time between deciding on a fix and putting it into action. It turned to AR for this in 2015, citing this requirement.

Caterpillar technicians use AR to get step-by-step instructions on chores like changing an oil filter. It also instructs the technician on how to locate and access the required component. This enables technicians to quickly maintain Caterpillar machines on the field. They now use AR glasses when performing maintenance jobs, which helps to ensure their safety while on the job. As part of a quality check, AR glasses can be used to document essential components of a task.

When it comes to maintaining and repairing its machines, AR assists Caterpillar in becoming hardware-independent. Engineers no longer have to figure out a patch and then implement it since AR eliminates the lag. AR has also aided in bridging the knowledge gap between new and seasoned professionals on the job, resulting in increased customer satisfaction.

In just four months, Caterpillar was able to build a proof of concept for their AR system. Caterpillar’s personnel now have a strong tool to shorten service times and boost equipment uptime thanks to AR. Caterpillar has been able to open up a new world of possibilities thanks to technology. What’s impressive is that it created the AR solution it required entirely on its own. However, you are not required to take the same path. InfiVR is the creator of the true AR/VR solutions. We at InfiVR offer the most comprehensive collection of tools in the business, allowing users to learn to assemble, fix, and troubleshoot problems wherever they are. InfiVR provides comprehensive solutions for in-field help and performance tracking across vertical industries such as industrial equipment manufacture, aerospace, construction, utilities, oil and gas, automotive, consumer applications, and more, whether teaching, executing difficult fieldwork or remote operations, or any number of aided operations.