Employees are now getting Superhero-like capabilities using Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and Metaverse technologies.  

At InfiVR our vision is to empower the workforce in various industries, such as automobiles, aviation, defense, healthcare, mining, oil and gas, and more, with intelligent VR, AR, and Metaverse technologies.

In downturn times Augmented reality & virtual reality technology can prove to be very effective in various sectors to reduce cost and still ensure process efficiency.

Below are a few examples of how VR, AR, and Metaverse technologies can be used to empower the workforce in different industries: 

In the Automobile industry, VR simulations can be used to train assembly line technicians on how to operate complex machinery and equipment safely and efficiently. VR training can be used to provide inspection training, operational training, logistics training on shop floors, etc. These virtual reality training can be so immersive it can help achieve near-perfectionist titles for your teams. 

In the Aviation industry, Virtual reality and Metaverse technologies can be used to train pilots and ground operators on how to handle emergency situations. VR-based training can be used by airport ground crew involved in logistics, aircraft marshaling, aircraft inspections, and crews involved in ensuring safety procedures. 

In the Healthcare industry, VR simulations can take medical training for doctors and nurses to the next level. However Augmented reality technologies can also assist surgeons to perform complex procedures with intelligent visual aid. Not just Mixed reality is now used to train remotely present medical students and observe surgeries being performed in real-time in a much more immersive manner. 

In the Mining and Oil and Gas Industries, Augmented reality technology provides technicians with real-time sensor data and other information to help them identify potential issues quickly, make informed decisions and save a lot of time. This makes activities like preventive maintenance a lot more effective and free of any potential human errors. 

We aim to provide a workforce with AI powered, immersive and interactive AR, VR, and metaverse technologies to enhance their skills and knowledge, improve their performance and efficiency. And drive innovation and productivity in their respective fields.

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