Virtual reality takes off in the Aviation industry

How is the Aviation Industry reinventing Ground Crew Training using Virtual Reality?

It’s clear that VR/AR technology is evolving exponentially and will continue to significantly impact nearly every aspect of our lives. Due to this, many diverse industries are now using immersive technology to boost efficiency, improve capabilities, and train their employees. 

With the competitive nature of the aviation industry, there is a lot of focus on bringing efficiency to every aspect of aviation. Delays in flights cost huge losses, as to leading aviation companies, these are primarily due to human mistakes. Here are some ways VR is being used in aviation training:

1. Ground staff training: VR technology is being used to train ground staff, such as baggage handlers, on properly loading and unloading luggage and cargo. It can also simulate scenarios where a piece of equipment fails or there is a change in weather, so that ground staff can practice their response to these events.

2. Aircraft maintenance training: VR technology is being used to train maintenance crews on how to perform maintenance procedures in a simulated environment.

3. Cabin crew training: VR technology is being used to simulate various emergency scenarios, such as fires or depressurization, allowing cabin crew members to practice their emergency response procedures.

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