Latest Technology Interventions in Learning & Development – AR/VR

Technology, a word for innovation, digitalisation and enhancement, is one of the fastest-growing networks. In the field of Learning & Development (L&D), it has not just enhanced but also brought in the highest rate of swift avoiding the hype which surrounds the newest of digital tools. Digital evolution has also reshaped the development process in all dimensions and well-aligning them with business strategy.

So, how do you think we at InfiVR are reacting to the same? Well, as on today, we provide the best of Virtual Reality based training Solutions for the core industries leading brands like Toyota, Renault, Swiggy, etc. With what they are connected to and for what they are known for, we are one team which leads through, achieving the client’s learning & development business goals.

“A proper lookout of the past and then a start”, this is what every organisation needs to do while they prepare themselves with the upcoming and ongoing trends. It will not only bring in better performance but will also satisfy the training needs as per the latest technological interventions in the field of Learning and Development, 2020.

Co-ordinating Technology with L&D

“To earn a better, one needs to learn better.”

Technology and L&D, they are parallel walkers. There are high-tech innovations which accelerate and create opportunities for better corporate training programs and the delivery methods. InfiVR through its continuous learning in the field of technology suggests personalised virtual training which can be incorporated with the cut-edge technologies and help support the professional development which can encourage the engagement of employees.

Artificial intelligence, a one growing trend since long is the continued trend which will benefit the business and society by providing transformative outcomes. As per the data, a huge amount of money is being invested in this field for bringing along efficiency amidst the processes, unlocking new streams of revenue.

All those traditional roles played by employees are changing as the business executives understand the potential AI combined with Virtual Reality holds like a roadmap of learning and development. Just, for example, leading power metering companies are upgrading themselves by the help of InfiVR team which provides them with AI enabled Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality based product maintenance training kits to their support technicians.

Further, if we look along, some organisations are adopting Virtual reality in their businesses to grow. Just for example in the field of Engineering and Manufacturing, safety and operational training are being provided. Virtual tours of the factories, offices, are also provided using the VR in corporate training.

Even the soft skills don’t show a lack in here as for the sales and customer support department are provided training for the betterment.

At InfiVR, our team of professionals have been providing the best of help to the well-known brands, like, Toyota for Safety training, Swiggy for experiential and Safety Virtual training and a lot of soft-skill training help using the VR technology, at large.

Latest technology interventions

Trends of technology have been redefining the future in every field. In the past couple years drastic evolutions in the workplaces been seen because of the growing complexities. But we need to understand that talent is the main driving force behind the organisation’s success and this is why, there is a need to understand, continuous evolution in the hiring and training is necessary.

1. For better alignment of goals, HR and C-suite co-ordination. A lot more efforts can be seen in the coming years with the organisations planning and committing towards a better tech enabled and scalable learning culture and with the right coordination of HR and C-suite being followed, the same will help increase the performance and the
competencies of workers within.

2. Future organisational goals and development of competencies for same.
Management can be seen targeting the employees for future leadership goals. This will help maintain better health of the company. Both AI and VR are used herein as for training the employees for communication, leadership development and better problem-solving skills. New doors, this is what we can call for the current as well as the updated employees, who are guided towards a lead for future leaders, making them agile and capable.

3. Communication skills emphasising for diverse broadening reach. There is a need for the development of the employee’s soft skills, with the organisations broadening its reach. Emotional intelligence, negotiation, collaborations, all as a part of the same has been categorised of critical priority as it helps in leadership improvement and for providing meaningful culture.

4. The Gamified training system is the right move towards the building of a progressive reward system. With all the badges, points, leader-board and the associated tools can be seen do drive in the passion while the learners who lack it, participate and await their core motivation to kick in.

5. Training, the right bait for acquisition and benefit for employees. Organisations can be seen working towards the better training processes as employees are more attracted towards organisations providing professional as well as personal development. L&D is a critical role player for engaging and retaining and to succeed, this one emerging trend concentrating upon training needs to be focused by all.

6. A weightage can be put high upon learner-centric as against the content oriented training. It is hard to focus on one size for all and then engaging with the learner. There is a need as per the trend for training programs to zero in for learner concerning their experience, performance, fluency, etc. They must be able to provide a means for sharing experiences and this is how the organisations can evolve using this trend.

7. Digitally mobile contents delivery might be seen as critical than before. As for what research shows, talent development challenge comes in from getting employees to learn by making a little time. They might not agree upon to get the training by finding time in primary jobs. So, digitally mobile training will help them eliminate time crunch and help them evolve better.

All these emerging trends will be a right hit (positively) for the business to succeed but only if they get through following the same, right on time and contacting the right value providers. If you like our thoughts and feel we can be of help to you, do contact us or know more@