Points to consider while finding Augmented Reality Company

Points to consider while implementing Augmented Reality Solutions, Augmented Reality Applications

The benefits of Augmented Reality are being welcomed by various companies, globally. As the field is relatively new, choosing the right solution might often be a problem. Here are a few points which one ought to keep in mind before deciding to invest in Augmented Reality Solutions: –

1.Look for Truly Expert company which is in dedicated Augmented Reality solution development, unlike traditional software consultancy firms.

The development of deep-tech augmented reality requires a skilled tech team which several firms lack. One should look for Companies who specialise in core AR development and not fall for false claims. As AR and VR technologies hold immense scope and potential, many companies/agencies put on their website that they practice AR / AR development but several have not implemented even a single project. Internal POCs done of AR should not be confused, end to end developed and deployed solutions are the key elements to look for.

Companies searching for AR company / AR solutions should check whether their vendors are specialists in AR and if they have implemented several AR projects, before hiring them. AR is a completely different development — compared to standard application development or website or portal development- which requires experience in developing Augmented Reality solutions.

Several IT solutions companies claim to do Augmented reality development, availing their services will be much more expensive compared to a relatively small but specialist Augmented Reality expert company, like InfiVR.

InfiVR.com has the advantage of being cost-effective in the long run without compromising on the quality of work with deep tech AR development experience..

2.How to avail the best pricing for AR developments?

AR skill sets, on the other hand, are niche and hence should not be expected at a very cheap rate (if one does get a vendor who is willing to work at a standard or lower rates, then a check has to be done. Quality comes at a price which they might be unable to deliver)

Basic App development is a niche and comparatively expensive because of the complexity in its nature. To reduce the cost to a one-time investment, companies should always look for an experienced team who have been developing AR solutions. The team should comprise of expert AR and Computer Vision software developers involved.

On several occasions, companies have to integrate Augmented Reality solutions along with other backend systems and hence sometimes AR, is just not enough. Companies looking for AR vendors should also look for a vendor / partner who has end AR solution integration capabilities. It is also essential that they are equipped with backend and enterprise software development skills to provide a better quality of services.

3. An Augmented Reality team needs to have a very good User Experience Design

Since AR is an emerging technology and design guidelines for the same are evolving users. There is a learning curve involved to get used to User Experience of solutions which is extremely critical. One should look for vendors similar to InfiVR.com comprising of teams having a very strong User Experience design background.

It’s important that the solutions that are developed are extremely user-friendly, otherwise, POC will not work because of UX design issues and the entire POC concept will fail to perform as intended which, in turn, will result in a complete lack of confidence towards the AR tech itself. In an era where AR will be a vital part of the organisation, this loss of faith could be fatal.

4. Look for projects done by AR vendor company which is aligned to your relevant industry

Companies looking for Augmented Reality Company should compare the work of various vendors in your relevant industry, this will provide an idea of what quality of work you can expect from them as well as vendor consultants can guide you to choose the best possible solutions and approach, devising a complete end to end strategy.

5. Look for AR Company that have domain experts in their team as it will be beneficial for your solution.

It is important that the vendor, have Consultants and Business Analyst in their team who have the relevant domain and industry experts. This helps AR Companies understand specific problems and requirements precisely in order to provide strategic approach and expert solution suggestions.

6. Don’t just look for COST or LOWEST BID if you Just look for Lowest Bid that will risk your complete budget which you have allocated for AR Project.

You should not consider the lowest bid or cost, this would result in work of low-quality and cause a higher expenditure. A project of good quality will last longer with low maintenance. A cheap bid will not only compromise on quality but also be more costly in the longer run risking the whole initiative taken by organisation.

InfiVR.com comprises of an experienced team of experts when it comes to implementing Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality solutions for several leading brands across core industry verticals. We have helped many companies realize their ideas of implementing and integrating AR & VR solutions in core business processes and be future ready.