No training like practical training – this is the axiom that most of us agree with.

What happens when practical training becomes extremely costly, difficult to access, or risky? No, we are not talking about deep space expeditions – such situations can happen much closer.

Virtual reality (VR) training has proved to be a useful tool in the oil and gas industry for a variety of purposes, such as safety training, equipment operation training, and emergency response training.

VR training provides workers with an immersive and realistic learning experience. The training can help them better understand how to perform tasks and respond to situations than traditional methods. In addition to customizing VR training to specific work environments and scenarios, workers can practice in a simulated setting similar to their actual work environments, including oil rigs, various surface facilities, refineries, etc.

Additionally, VR training can be conducted more efficiently and cost-effectively than traditional training. It can be done on demand & at the employee’s own pace, and it does not require the use of expensive physical simulators or travel to a training site.

Overall, VR training helps in improving the safety and efficiency of workers and operators in the oil and gas industry.

InfiVR offers next-generation AI-enabled training technologies and solutions to leading Oil & Gas customers. We work with various departments of Oil & Gas companies to provide various virtual training modules like; oil rigs to well sites, mechanical workshops to power training, etc. 

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