Visit by Renault-France team

infiVR was host to cross function management team from Renault France

MiShift, a global learning company engaged with Renault team to facilitate its leadership team for learning within constraints. infiVR was chosen as a model startup. The co-founders of infiVR, having experience of starting and running multiple companies were ideal candidates for MiShift and Renault for studying how can passion for an idea and attitude for delivering excellence to its customers in all the constraints of starting new and fresh

infiVR team shared their journey so far on how the team came together, what went during initial phases in choosing the market and technology to work on and what has kept them going while being completely bootstrapped.

infiVR with its unique business model of combination of SaaS and Product has helped them survive the tough startup conditions. The matured experience of its co-founders has driven infiVR to achieving success in product development and delivery in short time span. The co-founders shared their vision of delivering best in class experience in AR and VR domain.

In later part of sessions the team demonstrated different products and prototypes that we are working on. Renault team was quite impressed by the level of detailing and execution and overall design thought given to each section of every products

Following are some pictures capturing the moments.

walk through of business and ideas
Giving an in depth walk on startup working

At infiVR we are on a journey of creating ecosystem for delivering best User Experience for Virtual and Augmented reality