Why VR / MR Training will be better in Apple Vision Pro?

1. One of the best displays and longer duration use can be effortless and dizziness free hence the longer duration of training (compared to avg 20 mins via conventional VR headsets)

2. No controllers, trainees don’t have to learn controllers 
Handsfree and hence easy to use, operations to be performed can be by natural gestures

3. The better display will help with sharp rendering of various digital displays and text of control panels, Human Machine Interfaces, paper-based forms, etc. with much clarity leading to the better learning experience

4. Voice interactions for, conversational operations in training can be much more easily simulated in real like manner

5. Of course, the cost of the Headset is high so if these points are very critical you should go for #AppleVisionPro, or you can opt for #HTCVive3, or #MetaQuest which have provided very good results.